Before Your Departure

We provide you with the minimum required information you should know before departure. Check your visa application, vaccination certificates, flight/hotel booking in advance.

While Waiting for Your Flight

How to spend time at the airport from check-in to boarding to enhance your stay in Japan.

Upon Your Arrival

We provide you with useful information about what to do in the arrival lobby of the airport,  transfer from the airport, and currency exchange.

Common Sense in Japan

We will briefly explain the Japanese common sense that surprises visitors to Japan. More knowledge will bring you smoother communication with the Japanese.

How to Ride a Train

There are countless trains and railroads running in Japan. Learn how to buy tickets, use ticket gates, and make transfers so that you can easily travel.

Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass)

We introduce the Japan Rail Pass, which allows you to receive benefits only because you are a visitor from overseas. It is highly recommended for those who travel by train.

How to Ride a Bus

Learn how to get on the bus and feel free to visit the regions. It explains the appearance of buses and stops, bus fares, and the inside of buses.

How to Rent a Car

We provide useful information on renting a car and some driving advice. Learn how to rent a car and what to look for at the rental agency.

How to Take an Onsen

You can see how to enter the hot springs as a unique culture of Japan. We also introduce popular hot spring areas all over Japan. Please feel free to drop by.

When You Get Lost

You will enjoy your travels more easily if you know what to do if you get lost. Let's get prepared with some useful knowledge and Japanese phrases.

Basic Japanese for Travelers

We introduce basic Japanese greetings and phrases so that you can enjoy a short stay. As soon as you remember the phrase, use it immediately on site.

japanese capsule hotels

Learn how to use clean, low-cost capsule hotels that are accessible to solo travelers.